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Purely Iconic's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Purely Iconic

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[September 17, 2006 @ ]


This icon journal now closed.
With over 800 members and 8 comments on my last entry I consider it dead.

Meet me @ buyherpearls for a fresh start.


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[September 16, 2006 @ ]


After 3 months minus 3 days, I'm back to make an icon post. This post features Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill and I hope it was worth the wait. Make sure you let me know how much you hate me for being away and what you like/hate about these new icons. I'm looking forward to icon-ing with you all again. Thanks to my 750+ members for sticking with me.

rory21.jpg lorelai-new.jpg
joycandid.jpg mudmasks.jpg

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[June 19, 2006 @ ]

Sorry! School ends tomorrow and things have been crazy. Finals are coming up soon so I've been really busy. I have made 13 new gilmore girls icons for y'all. They seem to be one of the only fandoms that interests me for iconing. I love OTH and would love to icon the Season 1 episodes (I'm watching that right now) but can't find any good sites? Anybody know of any?

Thanks in advance!

Everyone: Please make a conscious effort to comment on this entry, even though there is just a few icons. I worked hard and I'm proud of them. 35 comments on the last entry...almost 900 members?

No comments = unhappy me.
Unhappy me = less icons. 


Always give me the icon #s you like/snag.

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[July 23, 2000 @ ]

M E M B E R S  O N L Y
Please join: Purely Iconic for further icon updates!
If you'd like to be affiliated, comment!

Current Affiliates:

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I will only be accepting affiliates with 100+ members or 100+ "friend of" users from now on. Thank you!

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